Black Dog Bakery

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About Us

Black Dog Bakery began with my two black labs, Otis and Filson. I began making homemade treats for them and Otis’ sister Belle. They shared their treats with neighborhood dogs and soon I began receiving calls for orders. Black Dog Bakery was born.

Each biscuits is hand rolled, cut and baked in my own kitchen. The best ingredients are used, because my dogs eat them too, and like you, my dogs deserve the best I can give them.

Black Dog Bakery is celebrating it's 1st Anniversary in April, 2007. We are proud to feed countless canines and hope to feed countless more!!

I hope your dog will love them and you for buying them.

My business is fully licensed and registered with the PA Dept. of Agriculture.

We follow Commercial Feed License Law and have ALL of our products laboratory tested BEFORE we offer them to you!

We are currently not able to sell to Vermont residents.